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Welcome to Business SA

Welcome to the Business SA. The place where entrepreneurs connects. Feel free to browse through our pages, or go directly to our contact link to connect with us.


Business SA is a South African private company established to assist and advise start-up and small businesses on their business and legal operations. We know that all successful enterprises started off small, and success is partly dependant having the proper guidance and support. We are there just to do that for your operations.

Start-up Challenges

While most first-time enterprise owners have a vision in mind for their business, they are often clueless as to the nuts and bolts required to sustain that vision. For example, question that they may have is, how do I register my enterprise with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). Or how do I register with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). Or how do I go about obtaining proper employment contracts? Then there is issue of requiring a BEE Certificate, or tax clearance certificate which can be very handy. These are a few of the initial challenges very start-up operation faces. However, they only need to be short-lived challenges. Once the structures and processes are in place, you are ready to go. If we cannot be of service, we would not be shy to, but happy to refer you to out other sister companies, like www.privatelegal.co.za, www.abduroaf.co.za and www.ourlawyer.co.za .

What we do best

Assisting small entrepreneurs with their legal, and operational requirement is what we do best. That is a very good reason to have us on your side. With years of valuable experience in Corporate Law and legal services, we are able to assist you to grow your business. And all it takes I just spending a small bit of your time with us. Therefore, whether you are starting off your new business or expanding a current business, our legal assistance speaks to all types of enterprises. Let us connect.

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