Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf Cape Town Business SA

About Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf

Muhammad Abduroaf, is the director of Business SA. Other than a business advisor, he is also an advocate of the High Court of South Africa. He often appears in Courts on behalf of client. This gives him the added edge of knowing what is happening in the world. This knowledge he then bring to Business SA.

Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Muhammad Abduroaf has been admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa in February 2002. He hold a wealth of experience in this regard. Two reported judgements in which he was successfully involved in are Petersen v Maintenance Officer Simon’s Town Maintenance Court and Others 2004 2 SA 56 (C) 381 and Soller v Maintenance Magistrate, Wynberg and Others 2006 2 SA 66 (C) 2006 446.

Business and Legal Services

Other than practising as an advocate, I also provide corporate business and legal advice and services to companies and individuals. I hold a steak in the following companies:
Abduroaf Inc. (
Business SA (Pty) Ltd (
Envirolaws (Pty) Ltd (
Private Legal (Pty) Ltd (

Connect with Muhammad Abduroaf today. He would be able to provide your start up business with valuable advice.